About us

Vingroup Ventures is the venture capital arm of Vingroup, the largest private conglomerate in Vietnam.

The Fund has a global mandate and aims to deploy $100 million for each package in growth stage start ups.  We are interested in technologies that have the potential for broad influence, such as AI, Big Data, FinTech and IoT.

1. Key investment pillars

  • Companies where we can leverage the broad reach of the Vingroup ecosystem to help the company pilot projects or grow topline revenue.
  • Companies that have technologies that can help streamline and improve efficiencies within Vingroup companies.
  • Technologies that are unique and have the potential to change industries or affect large portions of the population.

2. Investment thesis:

We want to help both sides of the P&L equation

  • Most people think of Vietnam as a great place to reduce their cost structure. For example, they may outsource their manufacturing or their software development to Vietnam.  And this is true, Vietnam is a great place for low cost services, especially since we are able to achieve low cost levels while maintaining a high level of quality.
  • The other side of the equation is what most people don’t consider when they think about Vietnam. Vietnam has 100 million highly literate people, a very young population that enjoys trying new products and services, one of the fastest growing GDP rates in Asia, and a forward-thinking culture.  Companies should introduce their products into Vietnam in order to leverage these demographics to grow their topline.  Vingroup Ventures partners with our investee companies to help them pilot and test their products within the Vietnam market.